Rate My Life Self-Help Quiz Statistics

Thousands of people have taken the popular Rate My Life quiz, a self-help life analysis tool that can help you identify strong and weak areas and improve your life. Some stauistical information has been generated based on the thousands of results. This page is updated once per day. The following results, broken out by life, mind, body, spirit, friends/family, love and finance, show the averages for all quiz-takers. As you can see, we are weakest in the love and friends/family sub-categories.

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Life: 6.2
Mind: 5.9
Body: 6.7
Spirit: 6.1
Friends/Family: 4.9
Love: 4.1
Finance: 5.8
Count: 1,480,780

Life Analysis By Gender

The above box doesn't give us a lot of detail. It would be interesting to break out the data by gender. Here are the life scores broken out by male and female. The results in each sub-category are fairly close. The clearest advantage for one gender in a sub-category is in love, with males clearly needing some help in that area.

Male: 6.2
Female: 6.2
Male: 6.1
Female: 5.8
Male: 6.9
Female: 6.6
Male: 6.0
Female: 6.1
Male: 4.8
Female: 5.0
Male: 3.8
Female: 4.3
Male: 5.9
Female: 5.8

Life Analysis by Age Group

Even more interesting than the gender life comparisons are the statistics by age group. Here, we can see trends emerge in the different sub-categories. Overall life ratings are surprisingly close, but we can see a clear improvement in the mind, spiritual growth, and financial strength gaining with age. This is unsurprising. Also unsurprising is a decline in the body score with age. Love is lowest in the teenage years. Friends and family numbers are lowest in the college years, indicating that some help is needed there. Body scores are highest in the teens. Interesting also are the age group counts. Most people taking the Rate My Life quiz are in their 20s. The least-represented age group, unsurprisingly, is the 50 Plus group.

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Under 18: 6.2
18 to 22: 6.2
23 to 29: 6.3
30 to 39: 6.2
40 to 49: 6.1
50 Plus: 5.8
Under 18: 5.7
18 to 22: 6.0
23 to 29: 6.0
30 to 39: 6.1
40 to 49: 6.0
50 Plus: 5.7
Under 18: 7.0
18 to 22: 6.8
23 to 29: 6.8
30 to 39: 6.5
40 to 49: 6.1
50 Plus: 5.7
Under 18: 5.7
18 to 22: 6.1
23 to 29: 6.3
30 to 39: 6.3
40 to 49: 6.4
50 Plus: 6.2
Under 18: 5.6
18 to 22: 4.6
23 to 29: 4.7
30 to 39: 4.9
40 to 49: 5.1
50 Plus: 5.1
Under 18: 3.3
18 to 22: 3.9
23 to 29: 4.6
30 to 39: 5.1
40 to 49: 5.0
50 Plus: 4.6
Under 18: 5.2
18 to 22: 5.7
23 to 29: 6.3
30 to 39: 6.5
40 to 49: 6.5
50 Plus: 6.3
Under 18:411,053
18 to 22:531,760
23 to 29:357,451
30 to 39:133,862
40 to 49:49,025
50 Plus:28,203

This data helps us draw some interesting conclusions on our modern society. We can see our collective strengths and weaknesses, and build on our strengths while helping ourselves improve on the weak spots. Particularly troubling are the low love ratings. Finding love ought to be placed at a high priority. If you are satisfied with your own love life, treasure it and know that you have something special. Social networks represent another societal weakness. We must put a premium on our relationships with friends and family. Taking care of our bodies is also important, as there is a clear trend of decline with age. Happily, other areas show improvement with age, including mind, spirit, and finance. No gender is at a clear disadvantage in these areas, either. Read More on improving your life.

Thank you for your interest in these Rate My Life statistics. I hope you have found this information interesting!

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