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Takers of the Rate My Life Quiz Share Their Advice

Your life -- what could be more imporant? Yet many people fail to give proper attention to that which promotes a healthy and fulfilling life. The Rate My Life quiz can be used as a self-help tool for identifying areas of strength and weakness. Some people score very highly on this quiz, and they have been asked to share their advice on how to live a good and happy life. Below is some of the advice they have shared.

Katie of Michigan writes:
Life can be hard and I know it. My dad was an abusive alcholic, and he treated my mom, brother and I horribly. It always seemed like whatever I wanted got taken away before it had a chance. I hated my dad for what he did to us, and I still haven't forgiven him. But I do deal with it. I realize that life can be hard and not everyone is dealt an equal piece of it. But what you have to realize is that there is something good out there. You have a purpose and it's a good one. People around you care about you, even if you don't realize it. Just take the time to stop and think about everything good that has happened to you, no matter how small. Even if you had a good hair day or you found a penny in the store. I know it sounds stupid, but every little thing can help you feel better about your life and yourself. I hated my life until I started to really look at things like that. You don't have to do it all the time-I certainly don't. But even if you do it just once a week, it will help you to feel that much better about you.

ALadyWhoLikesToRead of British Virgin Islands writes:
I feel a little silly writing this, but ... In my opinion, knowledge is crucial to a peaceful life. Intellectual curiousity and a willingness to embrace life (including the challenges & difficult moments) will help anyone. The more you know, the less there is to fear, yet the more there is to learn. I'm a Buddhist, so my path is not for everyone. Fundamentally, I suppose if everyone consciously tried to demonstrate more compassion, everyone's life would improve. "There is no way to peace, Peace is the way." - Muste

obi of United Kingdom writes:
I'm not driven in the sense that everything else must take a back seat in relation to one aspect of my life. I work hard to achieve balance. If family or friendship matters must be attended to then work takes the backseat for that moment. I'm a very optimistic person. I look for the best in any situation hence I'ld have a friend everyone would disapprove of. I will find his/her good qualities and encourage it. I don't judge. If I make a mistake I own up to it and move on. But if I have to fight my corner I fight it to the end. It's all about integrity. Do unto others.

Heather of Raleigh, NC writes:
My life has become easier because I got out of my own way; I started to take less things so seriously and remember that really very few things in life are in my control. The rest of it sort of happens, and my job is to recognize opportunities and navigate through them.

I also stopped thinking when people were mean or short with me that it was because of something I did or said (unless I knew I had provoked the situation for sure). Most of the time, people have had a bad day or someone has yelled at them at some point...they're passing it on. I decided instead to ask more questions. "Wow. Do you want to talk to me (help me, see me, hang out with me...etc) some other time? You sound like you might need some time to yourself." Normally, they apologize and we have a good conversation. Other times, they say "yes, I'd like to get back to you" and they maybe feel a little relieved. In either case, you've done something great - and avoided conflict.

I also saw a counselor for a year - I wasn't always this happy. It really helped change my perspective to get an outside opinion and not have someone so close (mother, husband) giving your life a critique. It's easier to take. I recommend it.

The eating / exercise thing - I like junk food, but I walk and run and do yoga and eat pretty good meals most of the time. That's just habit, and it works for me.

Marj of Texas writes:
I try to keep a positive outlook. I'm on the swim team and I find that being part of a group of people I can trust and working out on a regular basis does a lot to help my mental health. My grades in school are generally better during swim season. I also try to take a little bit of time to myself each day- reading a bit of a book, or writing in a journal. Something that's just for me and allows me to de-stress.

Matt of Mokena, IL writes:
I just don't let things get me down. There are so many good things in life, so much to be happy about. When something bad happens, it's just a short term thing, and there is always something else to take your mind off it. Books and nature are great ways to back off for a while and think, which is something everyone needs to do. Also, listening to others and helping them is a big thing, beacuse they can help you in return. A person always needs at least one other human to go to. A lot of people like to talk to me about their lives because I listen well. So, look on the bright side, because I came from a very dark point in my life about two years ago, and got to a happy life all on my own, without medication.

Anonymous writes:
I am a Christian and my faith in Jesus is at the centre of everything I do. I commit everything in prayer and I really do see answers.

I used to be in around $40k US worth of debt from university, was unhappy at work, drank too much, had no money to pay bills and few friends.

I joined a church, committed myself to God, and now I'm almost debt free, I'm off to college again full-time next year, I share a flat with my best friend and I'm very happy.

Sarah of Wichita Falls, TX writes:
I do my best to be optimistic, and it works. If I had taken this test six months ago, my score would have been much lower. I got myself out of a bad relationship, though, and now things are going wonderfully. My self-confidence levels are sky high, which attributes to so much of my happiness. I honestly believe if you can believe in yourself, and feel good about yourself, the rest of your life will fall into place.

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